Bill Gates Launches Fast Food Chain Where Food Is Made Out Of Bugs

Bill Gates Launches Fast Food Chain Where Food Is Made Out Of Bugs

Bill Gates, in partnership with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, has launched a new fast food restaurant called Creepy Crawly Cuisine. The restaurant chain, which is set to operate in every major US city, focuses on sustainable food practices and equity. The fast food chain is set to provide a series of incentives to users such as discounted food if proof of vaccination is shown, as well as incentives to not use cash.

The mission of the fast food restaurant is to educate local communities on how individuals can eat unhealthy food, but also not destroy the climate. All the insects served in meals will still be fully cooked in seed oils, and splattered with MSG. The restaurant will be revolutionary as it will be the first restaurant to be fully operated without any staff, as employees are bad for the environment. Everything will be automated and operated by AI robots.

Bill Gates shared in a press release on the subject, "This may be my greatest accomplishment yet. I'm proud to say that by ushering in a fast food chain like this, we will for sure to be working to lower the population by reducing fertility and increasing various diseases as a result of horrible food. Not only that, we will be helping the planet in the process. If only Jeffery could see.... erm I shouldn't I have said that."

George Soros tweeted congratulating Bill, "Great Job Bill. I'm not dead yet but probably will be after eating at your restaurant." Other influential celebrities and personalities also cheered the news, but it is yet to be seen if they will eat at the restaurant themselves. Lebron James is already slotted to be a brand spokesperson and has signed a $100 million TV ad campaign to promote the brand.

There seems to be a tremendous amount of marketing energy around the company as it is being covered with positive spin on every network news channel. Bitcoin Twitter has already decided to boycott the brand and it seems like the carnivore diet is growing in popularity despite recent revelations about Saifedean's fake meat activities.