CIA Sends Triple Elite Memes to El Salvador In Attempt To Destabilize Country

CIA Sends Triple Elite Memes to El Salvador In Attempt To Destabilize Country
Photo by Esaú González / Unsplash

San Salvador - Nayib Bukele responded to reporters questions on the rumor that the CIA had sent members of the Triple Elite Meme squad to El Salvador in order to destabilize the country. "There have been reports of members of TEM roaming the streets of El Zonte, all wearing matching T-shirts provided by Represent LTD. Though Triple Elite Memes operates very similarly to criminal gangs which I have eliminated from our communities, they do not appear to have any ill intentions for our country and may even be used to help bolster our economy."

A firestorm erupted on Twitter when classified documents were leaked from within the CIA detailing their attempts to co-opt the organized criminal meme ring. It appears that CIA had been mostly unsuccessful at manipulating the group, and instead had found them disruptive in other operations they were running. One report detailed that the group kept on showing up to events where CIA assets were at, and intimidating them.

The CIA's motivation for paying for TEM's plane tickets and expenses seems to be their desire to prevent further obstruction of future operations. It seems that destabilization of El Salvador may be an excuse to justify the expenses of funding the criminal gang's meme warfare.

Bukele welcomed the group to visit him at the National Palace, "We welcome Bitcoiners of all types to our borders, even if they are having their expenses paid by the CIA."

Max Keiser has been reported to have gone into hiding for fear of having an interaction with TEM.