CNBC Hires Bitboy To Do A Daily Crypto Show With Jim Cramer

CNBC Hires Bitboy To Do A Daily Crypto Show With Jim Cramer

In what seems like a match made in heaven, CNBC has announced a new daily crypto show featuring Ben Armstrong, who goes by Bitboy Crypto and Jim Cramer. Both have massive following of individuals looking for trustworthy and accurate financial analysis during volatile times.

Jim Cramer

CNBC has been friendly towards the cryptocurrency industry for a while, often times featuring guests like Michael Saylor and Jack Mallers, but this is the first time the network has hired a cryptocurrency influencer to do a show. It seems that the show will have a balanced approach with Bitboy being a "Mega Crypto Bull" and Jim Cramer being a bit more skeptical.

What seems to make this a great partnership is that both have a long track record of being correct while making their financial predictions. Kevin O'Leary tweeted about the news saying, "If I had been watching Bitboy's show, I could have avoided being scammed by Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX."

A whole slew of other celebrities also chimed in on their excitement for the new show. Between Bitboy's expertise in crypto and Jim Cramer's understanding of traditional financial markets, this show is set to be a hit.

The network is set to remove commercials from the show, and instead pursue Bitboy's advertising model which has proven to be much more lucrative. This marks a novel deviation from traditional network television revenue models.

Bitboy has had a series of massive victories in his career in recent history. One was being interviewed by Donald Trump Jr. and another was successfully taking control over the Bitcoin network back from evil maximalists who do not want anyone else to have fun on their chain. His hiring by a major network like CNBC only seems to be one more victory on Bitboy's undefeated record. The question on everyone's mind is whether Bitboy is stoppable.