Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Expands "Don't Say Gay Bill" To Include Ordinals And Inscriptions

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Expands "Don't Say Gay Bill" To Include Ordinals And Inscriptions

Tallahassee, FL – Florida Governor Ron Desantis on Wednesday signed a new bill into law that bans Florida public school teachers from discussing a controversial new topic in the Bitcoin space known as Ordinals Theory. The bill makes it a felony for Florida teachers to bring up the topic or provide any resources, including verbal instruction, that would aid students who wish to create inscriptions on the Bitcoin Blockchain with children in grades K-6. Teachers who discuss Ordinals Theory with students in grades 7-12 would face hefty fines and the possibility of losing their teaching license.

Gov DeSantis announced his support for the bill on a Twitter Spaces titled “Cafe Bitcoin” last Tuesday. “This is about rooting out woke ideology wherever it may manifest in our schools.” Gov. Desantis told spaces participants. “It’s very clear to whoever understands Bitcoin and reads the code, which is publicly available for anyone to see, that UTXOs are fungible. This idea that well, if you just follow the logic of this radical new Ordinals Theory then UTXOs can actually be marked and tracked using Non-Fungible Affirming software and anyone can just identify their UTXOs as non-fungible just doesnt jive with Floridians and we’re not going to allow the indoctrination our kids with such flimsy theories.” the governor added.

His appearance on Cafe Bitcoin sheds some light into the rationale for this bill which has left many Florida residents confused, especially Florida’s relatively large elderly population who don’t use or understand Bitcoin. The space is popular among self proclaimed “Bitcoin maximalists” or “maxis”. Maxis insist Bitcoin is money and people who just decide to identify UTXOs as non-fungible are scammers targeting young and vulnerable people on top of spamming Bitcoin’s Blockchain.

Bitcoin has become a popular talking point for candidates of the 2024 Presidential Election, Gov. Desantis now included. Recently Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke at the Bitcoin Conference, coincidentally in Miami, Florida, where he told conference attendees that he would protect the rights of Bitcoiners to own digital receipts on Cryptocurrency exchanges which purport to serve as an IOU guaranteeing the receipt owner the ability to withdraw an equivalent amount of Bitcoin to a wallet they supply if they ever get around to buying their own.

In related news, Bitcoin Magazine, the organizers of the Bitcoin Conference,  announced that the conference would no longer take place in Miami where it had been located since 2021. Bitcoin Magazine announced that the conference would be taking place in Nashville, TN in 2024. The announcement of the new location just 9 days before the new law banning the teaching of Ordinals Theory is fueling speculation that the two are related. On a Telegram group chat for self proclaimed “Ordinals Disrespectoors”, user @SovereignMoneyHodl21 pointed out that the new law which mainly focuses on school curriculums also covers any event open to minors on public or tax payer subsidized properties, like the Miami Convention Center that includes Oridinals Theory content and Inscription displays.

The Bugle reached out to Bitcoin Magazine to confirm these rumors and to respond to accusations that they were grooming minors to trade Bitcoin NFTs but they did not respond before press time.