The Left Concludes Pride Month by Shaming Robert F. Kennedy Jr for Receiving Gender Affirming Care

The Left Concludes Pride Month by Shaming Robert F. Kennedy Jr for Receiving Gender Affirming Care

Venice Beach, CA – As Pride Month 2023 comes to a close, members of the media and Twitter accounts dedicated to posting left of center political commentary have dialed in criticism of Democratic Presidential candidate and noted Bitcoin supporter, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after video and photos emerged showing Mr. Kennedy topless and incredibly muscular. The 69 year old challenger to incumbent Joe Biden appears to perform a bench press set before showing off his ability to do push ups at the famous outdoor gym in Los Angeles known as Muscle Beach.

Critics were quick to point out that a 69 year old man would not typically achieve such an impressive physique without the help of gender affirming hormone treatments such as testosterone replacement therapy or possibly even anabolic steroids. On June 25th, a Twitter user with the handle @kathrynresister tweeted that "No man has a body like this at 70 without steroids" and added something incoherent about RFK Jr's Covid vaccine position making him a hypocrite.

On June 26th, Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC's prime time All In with Chris Hayes program, hinted that RFK Jr.'s body was not natural, and that his physique would require "".

The Bitcoin Bugle reached out to LGBTQIA+ advocates for their take on alleged allies insinuating that use of hormone therapies to achieve a body that affirms one's gender identity make their bodies unnatural. An advocate who asked not to be named because they work for an organization that receives funding from groups that also fund MSNBC and political action groups loyal to the Biden administration told us that testosterone, for example, should be reserved for adolescent girls who exhibit preferences for baseball instead of "playing house" and that "cisgendered white males" should rally behind our President during this time of existential threat to democracy instead of "juicing themselves to the gills" and going on the Joe Rogan Podcast or other podcasts which support White Supremacy.

Some observers note the uptick in media criticism of RFK Jr. comes on the heels of his recent appearance on the aforementioned Joe Rogan Podcast where the Democratic presidential hopeful drew attention to the ineffectiveness of the Covid vaccine, among other controversial topics. It is not uncommon for political surrogates and the media to express seemingly incongruent views in the service of attacking political opponents. However, this author as finds it striking that they didn't at least wait until July 1st to resume their hypocrisy regarding transgender issues.